Monday June 08, 2020 |Notes

Building with Gatsby + Google Sheets

GatsbyJS makes it relatively easy to spin up great performing sites quickly. Over the past few days, we used it to create a new site running from a Google Sheets document at

I've written about the benefits of Gatsby in the past and am only liking it more since then. We've used it to develop the current iteration of this site, two projects nearing official launches, and for the latest project.

All of our sites are hosted on github and deployed via netlify, which helps ensure stability, security and performance. The framework makes the site extremely extensible to a number of data sources. For our projects, we've Google Sheets, text documents, Google Drive, Dropbox, Wordpress, and Netlify's CMS.

As we continue building sites, our own internal systems are becoming more extensible as well. This latest site was launched in less than 48 hours after starting development and now has over 550 entries loading with excellent performance.

GatsbyJS has been busy launching new features lately to make it faster to build sites. We're excited to have worked with Gatsby on a handful of projects already and looking forward to building more.

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