Sunday June 07, 2020 |Notes launch

Over the past week, freedom of assembly has been under attack by law enforcement in hundreds of incidents across the country. These incidents are being shared across social media. In order to make these incidents searchable and easily viewable, we launched yesterday.

Largely peaceful protests have been met with tear gas, rubber bullets, baton beatings and more. It's hard to believe that this has been the response to protests against violence by law enforcement. There's perhaps no clearer sign that the systems are broken and need to be reworked.

This past Wednesday evening, I came across Greg Doucette's posts on twitter where he has shared over 200 incidents of violence by police officers against protesters. The videos left me aghast and feeling that many people don't realize the magnitude of the problem.

This isn't an issue of a rogue officer or a couple of overblown incidents. There are hundreds of documented incidents and it can be difficult to track them all on social media. On Thursday afternoon, we got started on the project and had a working version up yesterday.

Each incident is shown on its own page, with links to the original twitter post, embedded media, and a searchable index. The plans are to continue adding incidents as they are shared.

Hopefully reform comes soon and there's little opportunity to post additional incidents. In the case that it doesn't, is here to help watch those that are here to protect and serve us as civilians.

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