Friday October 02, 2020 |Notes

Plugin to add Klaviyo to Gatsby

We developed a plugin to make it easy to add Klaviyo to GatsbyJS sites. Klaviyo and Gatsby are among our favorite tools, and this plugin makes it easy to integrate Klaviyo onto any Gatsby sites.

This plugin suited our needs and hopefully will help others as well. Once installed, Klaviyo's email signup forms can be configured easily. With async loading, the script doesn't slow the initial loading of the site.

The plugin is based off a plugin for Tidio Chat, which we've used recently. It's available in the Gatsby plugin directory and can be installed directly. Once installed, it just requires adding the plugin code to the gatsby-config file along with a Klaviyo id.

Reminder: Klaviyo offers free accounts for up to 500 subscribers, which includes email signup forms with split testing.

[Get the Klaviyo plugin for Gatsby)(

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