Saturday October 03, 2020 |Notes

Digital commerce is everywhere

The distinctions between ecommerce and commerce continue to be blurred( More stores than ever offer online shopping with curbside pickup, Apple store payments are entirely managed on iPhones, and in-store payments decreasingly require any human interaction. The battle is not between local commerce and digital commerce. To the most successful stores, local and digital are complementary.

This past week, Amazon announced the ability to pay via a palmprint. The Apple Watch made it easy to pay, and required a $400 purchase to make it work. In a way, it's fitting that Apple is able to get customers to pay hundreds of dollars for the ability to pay via a Watch with Apple Pay. Meanwhile, Amazon has introduced a completely free way to pay that is open to anyone. Yet again, Amazon puts convenience first for customers.

Digital commerce is not confined to ecommerce. Digital commerce is increasingly everywhere. With it ever easier to send and accept payments, ship and fulfill products, and for anyone to create a platform, commerce can happen anywhere given the right digital tools. The pandemic may have increased the rate of tech adoption, yet this is only the beginning of the new phase of digital commerce.

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