Tuesday September 29, 2020 |Notes

Split testing signups with Klaviyo

Split testing is a valuable part of any conversion optimization process. For years, Klaviyo has offered split testing in all email automation flows and marketing emails based up sender names, subject lines, and content. Klaviyo also offers the ability to test signup offers with split testing.

This is a newly discovered feature for our team. Previously, we made use of third party tools for testing signup offers. By integrating directly into Klaviyo, the offers will be deployed in a much simpler manner. Klaviyo includes the ability to automatically defer to the winning offer, which should help move the testing along at a faster rate.

For ecommerce email signup offers, it generally pays off to test multiple offers. For ecommerce, some common signup offers include getting coupons. In our experience, dollar discounts often perform more effectively, particularly when paired with an incentivizing minimum purchase amount. Beyond offers, headline text and CTAs can have surprisingly big impacts on signup rates.

Klaviyo is one of our favorite email marketing tools, and not exclusively for ecommerce. While running campaigns is important, getting subscribers is vital. With the split-testing feature on email signup forms, it's easy to identify the offers that resonate - and convert - best with audiences.

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