Tuesday September 29, 2020 |Notes

Seeing the unseen

Increasingly, more of what happens in the world goes unseen. Data is constantly passing data to algorithms designed to make efficient decisions. When done well, it's hardly noticeable to individuals.

Finding ways to sift through the data is difficult because much of it is meaningless. As the amount of data increases, and big tech companies work to protect their data from other sources, there's room for differentiation by delving into a niche across multiple platforms.

It appears many big tech companies are working to create silos that resemble an early 90s landscape. Facebook desires for users to get news, connect with friends, and do their shopping all within the FB ecosystem. Google would prefer to keep users on it's own search results page than sent to third-party sites. And Amazon wants to be in every part of life. There's value in identifying trends and audiences that have developed on an individual platform, yet have yet to find a way to another platform.

The tech landscape is changing as companies look to build siloed ecosystems. These systems run on data and algorithms that largely go unseen. As the changes transpire, more value will fall to those that finding goes unseen between these silos.

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