Friday January 08, 2021 |Notes

How can nocode & lowcode change development?

Nocode and low-code development is on the rise. We recently got started on a new project using, after checking out an implementation of GPT-3 via Bubble.

Previously, Zapier was one of the few 'locwcode' solutions I had used in development. WHile it is among my favorite tools, I hadn't used the Bubble platform in years after briefly checking it out after launch. At the time, it didn't seems like a good fit for ecommerce development. Instead, we stuck to platforms like Shopify and Wordpress, and more recently began working with JAMStack platforms like Gatsby.

After spending some time on Bubble this week, the possibilities of nocode development solutions seem to ignore. It's a different development process and there is a bit of a learning curve, which I'm still going through. That's not much different than any other platform. The biggest potential change I foresee is a much faster development time with near endless possibilities to improve with more input sources easily. Rather than approaching the backend and frontend as separate entities, the Bubble process merges them together somewhat. In many ways, it feels more akin to using early development tools like Fireworks, and perhaps even Flash.

Nocode and lowcode platforms have exploded in growth and many are yet unaware of the capabilities. The bubble platform is amazingly impressive, and makes the process far more approachable for non-coders, while also unlocking huge potential time savers for developers.

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