Saturday January 09, 2021 |Uncommon brands

Moutain inspired apparel from Alps & Meters

Alps & Meters is a premium, mountain inspired apparel brand with stores in Boston, Deer Valley UT, and Aspen CO. Of course, the brand also has modern website to show off its modern takes on classic alpine apparel. The brand's about page cites the inspiration as the discovery of a vintage sweater in Sweden and the style is shown in many of the pieces.

The brand came across my radar when doing research on some of the best direct-to-consumer brands. As a skier, it immediately appealed to me. I was fortunate to receive a new corduroy hat as a Christmas gift from my wife, and it's quickly become one of my favorites. (It doesn't hurt that the logo happens to bear the same initials as my own name.

Alps & Meters is quite active on social media and even produce a podcast. It's taking a very modern approach to retail with direct to consumer channels available both online and branded stores. Meanwhile, the brand also is available in retail outlets. It's an impressive brand that's looks poised to lay some fresh tracks ahead!

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