Saturday November 14, 2020 |Uncommon Brands

Uncommon brand Marine Layer makes super soft apparel

Marine Layer makes extremely soft apparel for men and women. The San Francisco based brand has made a name for itself by incorporating details that engage customers, from the use of 'marge' to mark a size in-between medium and large, and the straightforward style of talk from the brand.

The brand came upon my radar over a decade ago when I first noticed a 'Ski Tahoe' t-shirt. The company produced a new design each year, along with tees of other great places around Northern California. The shirts were absurdly soft from the very beginning, the that remains one of the foremost selling points of the brand.

Marine Layer now produces a wide range of apparel for men and women and operates in dozens of stores across the United States. The casual style of the brand is an apparent fit with a new generation of shoppers seeking everyday essentials. The company has a steadily growing digital fanbase, and the trajectory looks likely to continue for Marine Layer.

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