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Uncommon brand Rhone makes athletic

Rhone is a modern menswear brand that produces apparel for active lifestyles. The company's style fits into a growing trend away from formal wear and into a more casual attire. Rather than giving up entirely on traditional styles, the brand uses active style fabrics in traditional styles.

The trend away from formalwear has accelerated during the pandemic, with in-person contacts significantly reduced. Dry cleaners are struggling in the Bay Area, and assumedly in areas across the country as office meetings, weddings, and other formal events have virtually ceased to existing. Like many of the pandemic trends, the trend towards a more casual style wasn't borne out of the pandemic and instead it's another trend that has been accelerated by the pandemic.

Rhone plays into the trend by helping to bridge the gap between entirely athleisure/activewear, and a style that is acceptable in most settings. It's much more rare for a tie & jacket to be required in everyday life, and there's a new crop of modern essential apparel brands establishing themselves in their wake.

Rhone does a great job of communicating what makes the brand different, and it stands by producing well-styled activewear for men. It's an uncommon brand that plays in to the trend away from formalwear and into modern essentials. Check out Rhone on emprezzo.

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