Saturday December 05, 2020 |Uncommon Brands

Ruggable sells washable rugs direct to consumers

Ruggable is young decor brand that got made a name for itself via social media ads for its washable rugs. The brand features a variety of styles and sizes, and provides a great website to help find the best rug.

Rugs certainly don't seem like a natural fit for a digital commerce brand, given both the size of the product and a prevalence of customers preferring to shop in store for such items. The brand has overcome those challenges with strong, relatable branding, free shipping, and guarantees that break down any barriers customers may have to purchasing a rug online.

There's nothing that cannot be sold online, and it's helpful to look at some of the non-obvious products that are now sold online. Ruggable helps prove this point via their own success in selling rugs of all sizes via ecommerce.

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