Saturday November 28, 2020 |Uncommon Brands

Stio is an uncommon outerwear company

Stio is an outdoor apparel company that makes a full range of outwear, layers and outdoor accessories for men and women. The company is based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a fitting place for an authentic outdoor goods brand.

The brand makes incredibly high-quality gear. I received a Stio zippered layer shirt last year, and it's shown little sign of wear after becoming a nearly year round favorite. The Stio catalog for the 2020 winter season arrived in my postal box recently, and I was impressed by the range of products produced by the brand.

Stio emphasizes values of making the outdoors accessible to all, "regardless of race, gender, beliefs, background or ability." The brand also notes how the outdoor industry has been resistant to change over the years in other ways, including limited direct-to-consumer options.

The Stio brand was founded in 2011 and is growing fast in popularity nine years later. It's a great brand to follow for examples of excellent branding from a direct to consumer outdoor gear company, making it a good addition to our Uncommon Brands list.

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