Sunday January 10, 2021 |Uncommon brands

Arbitrary rule enforcement

Over the past few days, every major tech platform has taken an action each were previously unwilling to do. When platforms moved to ban Trump and the Parler app, it was not done for a rules violation. The changes were made at this stage due to an incident that happened in the real world with the storming of the US Capitol.

If the banning is due to a rules violation, the move is far too late from the platforms that continually used algorithms to stoke divisiveness. Any of the rules violations cited occurred well before the banning and it'd be hard to argue that all other apps and accounts are indeed following all rules.

Major platforms should have taken reasonable action earlier and set clear rules. By acting now, it's makes the boundaries arbitrary and paints the platforms as ultimate arbiters swayed by actions outside the platform. It reminds me of a school punishing a student for a weekend fight, while looking the other way during the routine bulling at school.

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