Thursday December 03, 2020 |Big tech trends

Tech is innovating quickly beyond social media

Over the past few weeks, there have been numerous significant breakthroughs in technology that directly impacts the physical world. There are three working vaccines, all of which broke the previous record for vaccine development by years. Artificial intelligence from DeepMind has solved decades old problems surrounding protein-folding. The cost of renewable energy is on a significant downward trend. Space X continues to make space more accessible with routine launches, while also laying the groundwork for satellite enabled internet that will connect the world like never before.

Meanwhile, issues regarding section 230, disinformation, and data privacy dominate the 'tech' headlines at many mainstream media sites. There will likely be new regulations on tech companies that comes far too late to prevent the problems, and instead will work to lock in the status quo.

Somehow, after a few decades of social media and internet innovation, the digital landscape is in a far worse position. It's less of an open web than decades ago, consumers and regulators are less satisfied, and the big tech companies continue to push us back towards siloed environments that beckon the days of AOL and Prodigy.

People are pushing technology in far more meaningful ways that social media and ad tech. For too long, many of the best and brightest minds have devoted time to getting more clicks, eking out a sliver of transactions, and otherwise imposing taxes and creating artificial limits on open protocols and endless digital real estate.

Much of the world is distracted by relatively meaningless technology issues regarding data and social media. The value of 'data' has peaked and will decline. The breakthroughs that will shape the future are happening outside of the artificial digital landscapes.

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