Wednesday December 02, 2020 |Brainstorms

What's missing from screen experiences

Immersive digital experiences have been on my mind recently and I've written about the topic a few times recently on the blog. The limited nature of screens has become more apparent recently with the topic on my mind.

On Monday morning, I watched my son attend his preschool circle time via Outschool, as I've done for weeks. This week, it struck me just how small the screen is, given the enormous size of the room. The viewing is limited, there are constant distractions from the much larger physical world around the screen, and the environment is mostly outside the control of the teacher.

This is the same for all digital experiences on the screen. Even a pixel-perfect, CRO optimized size must compete with the outside world, wherever the screen experience exists. Immersive technologies could completely change this experience.

  • Screens occupy a very small portion of our visual field, even from a close range
  • Digital environments are incomplete by being restricted to small 2-D screens
  • It's rarely (never?) possible to fully feel removed from the physical environment with a screen
  • Immersive tech can transform any place into an entirely new digital realm
  • By putting people in the middle of the environment, real world distractions are severely limited
  • Concentration becomes much easier when not faced with constantly pushing away outside distractions
  • Enabling new ways to interact with the environments open entirely new possibilities
  • Most efforts to bring traditional have been quite literal, while the experience has gone from 3D to 2D
  • General public is not yet aware how much of an effect immersive tech can have in bringing people together
  • Interaction with others is much more natural in a 3d environment
  • Potential to create experiences that bring people together in meaningful way after Zoom

Immersive tech is coming fast and will see a big boost this holiday season. The possibilities are really exciting and it's hard not to think about the limitation of screens in comparison.

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