Tuesday December 01, 2020 |Tech Tools

8+ months with github

Github is one of the most well known code repositories on the internet. It took me, and the ecomloop agency, until this year to make regular use of github and its been a big improvement to workflow, and helped out on numerous occasions with easily accessible backups.

After signing up back in 2014, my own use of github was sporadic at best. During the early days of the pandemic in March, I started using github much more regularly. In the early days of the pandemic, it wasn't clear where spending may go, and many of our clients cut back on services, opening up time for in-house projects.

Over the last 8 months, github has become relatively indispensable in the general workflow of most projects at ecomloop. With nearly 2,000 commits over the past time, that's an average of over 8 commits a day.

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