Tuesday November 24, 2020 |Tech Tools

ShareX for quick screenshots

About two weeks ago, I started using ShareX for taking screenshots. After relying on the built in Snipping Tool for far too long, I finally found a Widows OS based tool for taking screenshots.

Most screenshots I take are in my browser, where I rely upon browser extensions for screenshots. More often recently, I've been in need of taking screenshots of non-browser based items that later need text edits. This typically involves taking the shot, then opening up in a separate program.

ShareX has made this much simpler by making it easy to take a screenshot, then immediately edit and add notes. The options for adding notes are good without any obvious omissions and it's intuitive to add notations.

An unexpected nice feature is the ability to quickly grab and insert shots from the SHareX GUI, rather than navigating to the folder in Explorer. It's made the entire process of taking, notating, and sharing screenshots much faster and is one of the best everyday tools I've started using in a while.

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