Monday November 23, 2020 |Ecomloop Projects

Emprezzo extension available on Chrome store

The Emprezzo browser extension for discovering independent brands and online stores is now available in the Chrome downloads store. There are over 500 brands listed with roughly 20,000 total products and it loads incredibly fast.

This is the first Chrome plugin we've released, and it came together relatively quickly after getting started about two weeks ago. Its only available via the private link above for now, and will be released and available to searches in an upcoming updates. A new version is already on the way and change the default interface to make the index of shops searchable, rather than products. The products section will instead be available via a toggle button.

The newest version includes a few additional search filters and a price range slider for the average price for each store. Shop listings currently link to each brand's page on emprezzo, while products give the option to go directly to the merchant to purchase.

It took a total of three rounds of submitting before getting approved, due to requiring more detailed info on the purpose of the app with fewer competitor keywords, and entering a valid link for the developer contact page. The initial page warned of delays due to the pandemic, and it didn't prove to a problem. Each submission was responded to within 24-48 hours. Given the timeline, it's likely the new version will be available shortly after this post goes live.

Check out the Emprezzo chrome plugin to find some great independent brands for holiday shopping. Leave a review if you have a chance and look for updates & improvements coming soon.

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