Monday November 30, 2020 |Ecomloop Projects

Going mobile native

Most web traffic is mobile and the most successful digital organizations have prioritized mobile apps over nearly all other platforms. While mobile websites are accessible by all mobile devices, they lack stickiness because most users are unlikely to bookmark a site to return to on a regular basis. This is one of the most significant reasons that ecomloop is developing its first mobile native app.

The difference between a mobile site and native app, from a business perspective, became more apparent recently while brainstorming on the benefits of browser extensions. There's an enormous opportunity in giving users a way to interact with a site on any page, rather than only when customers remember to come back, or more likely are driven there from an ad or email.

Like the Chrome extension, our first mobile app will an emprezzo app and will serve the same function: make it easy to find great independent online shops in a single place. The plan is to develop both an Android and iOS app. Based upon preliminary research, the Android app will be a faster process. Check back here for updates, and get the chrome extension for desktop for now.

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