Wednesday November 25, 2020 |Brainstorms

Browser extensions brainstorm

This week, the Emprezzo Chrome extension for independent online shopping was added to the to official Chrome store. It's the first browser extension developed by ecomloop and it gave me a hands-on look at the experience.

Like most platforms, getting to know the Chrome extension environment has sparked many new ideas of what is possible. Here's a quick brainstorm of ideas:

  • Extensions offer simple way to get started with headless content/data delivery
  • APIs make nearly anything possible within a browser extensions
  • Browser extensions offer opportunity to grow across multiple browsers
  • Extensions should be made available on all major browsers, especially with government regulation issues regarding Chrome browsers
  • Traffic from browser extensions will come via desktop so plan destination links accordingly
  • Easy way to get 'stickiness' with potential users who may not come back to a website
  • Fast way to show what is possible from a web app
  • Potential use for communications method via icon alerts & extension content
  • Offers easy way to tap into existing behaviors rather than subvert/redirect to new
  • Opportunity to use computer hardware abound with cameras and microphones
  • 'Magic of AI' is only a browser title and API call away
  • Forced method of cutting out unnecessary and focusing on important aspects of UX

Some of these ideas will be incorporated into future versions of the Emprezzo extension. The opportunities around using hardware and implementing fast APIs to serve content quickly anywhere are quite enticing in particular.

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