Wednesday December 23, 2020 |Brainstorms

Contextual search brainstorm

We got access to OpenAI and GPT-3 this week. I've had a chance to mess around in the playground, setup a simple API connection, and check out some of the projects other developers are discussing on the Slack group. As I mentioned yesterday, this has me really excited. There's certainly a learning curve to getting most out of the technology.

A couple of live projects that have gotten my attention include and Lavender chrome extension for gmail.

After a brief interaction, here's a quick brainstorm on some potential use cases:

  • Write descriptions about each shop/business on Emprezzo site
  • Create a chatbot for searching the 40,000+ product database
  • Write new product descriptions based upon originals
  • Train to generate gif patterns from multiple images
  • Recommend split tests for email signup offers
  • Entice new users with chatbots
  • Insert positive messages into mundane tasks
  • Find new ecommerces niches for direct to competitor businesses
  • Develop new marketing campaigns
  • Write enticing, personalized marketing emails
  • Provide users with a level of randomness
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