Tuesday November 17, 2020 |Tech Tools

Atom Text Editor

Atom is a superb text editor with a number of flexible built-in features. It also offers the ability to extend features by installing additional packages. It was originally developed by github in 2014 and the first beta release came in 2015.

Atom has been my preferred text editor for the last two years, and its the first one where it feels more natural to try to improve the software than to seek out alternatives when limitations arise. The program is open source and has dozens of packages available to download and install, and can be customized with JS, CSS, and HTML relatively easily.

Aside from my web browser (Brave, most often), most of computer time is spent using a text editor. With Atom, I write blog posts in md files, manage the development of multiple Gatsby sits, push updates to github packages and more. It's truly amazing how much can be managed from such a simple, lightweight program. If you haven't found the perfect text editor, Atom is definitely worth checking out.

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