Friday July 10, 2020 |Notes

Zapier App + Google Sheets

Zapier is one of the original solutions for automating actions between apps without any code. Google Sheets is amazingly flexible in it's ability to collect and store data. Together Zapier and Google Sheets make for an incredibly powerful nocode / lowcode development solution.

Recently, we've developed Gatsy sites using Google Sheets as the basis for generating pages. It's an incredibly fast way to spin up a site.

Zapier makes this even more powerful by connecting Google Sheets with any number of apps. For example, I have a number of automations configured between feedly and google sheets. Those entries can then be used to generate a high-performing Gatsby site, via the Zapier connection.

I'm currently configuring some new Google Sheets + Zapier actions and did some exploring of the new apps. The options are always more impressive and it's hard not to generate new ideas when browsing the Zapier site. Not bad for a nocode solution!

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