Monday August 31, 2020 |Notes

Displaying data with Frappe charts

When data is displayed in a visually-appealing manner, the meaning behind the numbers is much more apparent. offers a simple way to transform data into charts that greatly improve the presentation of data.

We implemented frappe into a development project recently to improve and expand upon the data previously shown with digits. The site is built upon the Gatsby framework the charts were installed via a free and open github repository. Once Frappe was installed, it just takes two lines to supply the data, which can then be displayed in bar charts, line charts, percentage bars, or mixed charts.

Frappe offers the ability to display data in heatmaps, show trends, and navigate data. With navigation, it's possible to display a new graph that display further details about the initial view.

In order to analyse a data individually, it helps if the chart can activate a given point on the plot. This is where isNavigable comes in handy, which makes the chart interactive with arrow keys and highlights the current active data point.

It's awesome to see free, open-source tools like Frappe charts. We're planning to integrate some of these more advanced Frappe charts features in later versions of our development project and certainly appreciate how simple the process has been to transform data into charts.

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