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Built with Gatsby

The current iteration of the ecomloop agency site was built with Gatsby, an open-source framework based on React. It's the first site we built using gatsbyjs and the result is a super-fast, super-flexible site.

Gatsby is one of a handful of static-site generators, which are essentially a hybrid between a dynamic site and a site with each page individually containing all code and content. Dynamic sites use content management systems (wordpress, shopify, wix, etc), which fetch content from a database as it's requested by the user. This opens potential security threats, and greatly reduces the performance of the site. On the other hand, it's rather infeasible to manager a modern website with individually coded pages.

Gatsby, and other static site generators, create static pages from content before it's requested by the user. All content is fetched at the time of the site build, with static files created and pushed to the server. These static files load extremely fast - and greatly increase the security of the site. Netguru has a much more in-depth explanation of the benefits of static site generators.

I've really enjoyed building with Gatsby from a developer perspective. We are currently developing two new projects on the framework and anticipate migrating some clients over. One of the best features is the flexibility in sourcing content, which allows us to build sites using existing workflows rather than introducing new backend production & management methods. Gatsby helps create a significantly better experience for users, while improving site management for organizations on the backend.

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