Thursday June 25, 2020 |Notes

Introducing 'Headless' Gatsby theme for Shopify

GatsbyJS + Shopify are two of our favorite frameworks.. Yesterday, Headless, a new starter theme for GatsbyJS + Shopify was added to the Gatsby starter theme library. We developed this theme to make it easier for Shopify merchants to get up and running on Gatsby quickly and easily.

As we've mentioned, we've develop a handful of Gatsby projects recently and remain excited by the flexibility of data sources while maintaining performance. Gatsby is a free, open-source framework with an active community. As is the case with many open source projects, we've benefitted from the work of others that work to push the software beyond what would be possible in an opaque closed system.

With that in mind, we wanted to contribute a theme to help Shopify merchants and developers. Headless is designed make it easy for Shopify merchants to create a high-performing Gatsby site quickly and easily. The starter is setup to pull products from an existing Shopify account. Products are then published on static HTML pages, as is the case with all JAMstack sites, making the site extremely fast and secure. Each product page includes the option for variants, multiple images, and a button to add to cart or checkout immediately. An optional cart page is available on Gatsby, while the checkout is handled by Shopify in the typical manner for all Shopify sites.

Check out the Headless commerce demo. If you have a Shopify site, give the theme a try and feel free to reach out with any questions.

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