Saturday May 30, 2020 |Notes

Harness platforms and recognize the landscape

Platforms yield inordinate power in the current era of big tech domination. When participating on a private platform, the platform ultimately controls the connection between the parties. It's crucial for businesses and organizations to pursue multiple channels, while working to build direct connections with their audience.

There are pros and cons to every platform. The Amazon marketplace provides sellers with access to millions of shoppers, while collecting fees, setting rules of what's allowable, and gathering competitive data. Google lets anyone find sites for free, provided the site has met the search algorithms' metrics or has paid for each click, while also providing data. Facebook, Instagram and twitter allow for conversations and connections with others, provided it's done in a way that meets their guidelines.

None of these were designed as truly open platforms. They were created by organizations looking to build themselves first and have always had rules. They are more analogous to video games than truly open protocols for communication and can be "gamed" in a similar manner, as long as you play by the rules.

As an alternative, look to build direct connections via email, text, while harnessing the power of platforms.

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