Friday May 29, 2020 |Notes

And then a bear breaks in

Foreseeable problems arise all the time. Awareness doesn't prevent those problems from arising, even when precautions are taken. Its best to be equipped to both prevent problems and address them when they arise despite best efforts, ie a failsafe for when things go wrong.

A bear woke me up this morning rummaging through the kitchen downstairs. If you've spent time in the Tahoe area, and other mountainous regions, it's not uncommon to have had bear breaks in. In this case the bear tore through a screen door and opened the door, which was accidentally left unlocked.

After ascertaining that it wasn't a human by calling out and getting no reply nor sounds of running, I got the air horn and a flashlight out and crept downstairs. The bear was out on the patio, visible through the window, and was heading back to the wide open door. I sounded the air horn and thankfully watched him run away.

The bear never should have been able to get in the house. If I had locked the door properly like I normally do, it never would have been a problem. That's great - until things go wrong. In this case, we had a plan by having an air horn handy.

The point is that it pays to have failsafes in place for when things go wrong. Look for the bears and plan for the break-ins before it's a problem that can't be easily addressed.

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