Thursday April 09, 2020 |Notes

Establish your own platform by leveraging major platforms

Every business should leverage existing platforms (i.e. facebook, twitter, amazon) to build their own rather than becoming overly reliant on any single source. Create a communication platform to freely contact your audience in a multitude of methods.

Too often, major platform providers change the rules. Free services become pay-for-play, fees are added, accounts restricted, etc. Don't put your business in a position to be controlled by an organization without your best interests in mind.

Digital communication makes it easier than ever to build platforms and establish direct communication channels, i.e. emails, texts, blogs & articles, videos, podcasts, digital products. These should be distributed through major platforms - without becoming solely reliant on them.

Take advantage of the tools available without giving up control. Keep the message separate from the medium, build a platform, and distribute content widely.

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