Thursday September 10, 2020 |Notes

Shopify is not immune from platform problems

Shopify has been subject to pressure from various political groups regarding policies about what is allowed to be sold on their platform. While Shopify may not be consumer facing, it's not immune from the same backlash that marketplaces like Amazon, ebay and others have faced for selling controversial items.

Over the past week, Nandini Jammi, founder of Sleeping Giants and cofounder of checkmyads, pressured Shopify stop allowing merchandise supporting the seventeen year Kenosha shooter.

Naturally, that campaign has received pushback, leaving Shopify in the position of making a decision that will upset at least some number of clients/customers. At this point, the merchandise is still for sale and Shopify has not issued any response on Twitter.

Shopify has been able to escape some of the issues regarding what is allowed on it's platform in the past by not being well known to consumers. That has changed drastically this year due a rise in ecommerce, a skyrocketing stock, and the company's own moves to become more consumer facing with it's Shop app. This issue isn't settled yet and it will be far from the last content moderation decision Shopify will face.

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