Sunday May 31, 2020 |Notes

Witnessing technological breakthroughs

Yesterday's Space X launch event was perhaps the most impressive display of technology in history. Millions watched the event live over countless live streams as a private company launched humans into orbit.

It had been nine years since an American rocket had launched humans into orbit. Without the involvement of private companies, that streak would have continued indefinitely considering that funding had been cut from federal budgets for NASA's own program. Along those lines, the cost savings of yesterday's launch is one of the most impressive results of space x's progress thus far.

As expected, the Booster rocket landed safely back on its target aboard a floating carrier, ready to be rehabbed and used in a new launch. The costs are now down to roughly $60 million per launch for space x and saves NASA over $30 million per astronaut. Space X plans to begin offering tourist launches next year, and even if they are off by a few years, watching yesterday's event makes it feel much more likely.

There was an inordinate focus on the event yesterday because of the current pandemic-inspired events. This reminded me of the spirit described in One Giant Leap and is more meaningful than what's apparent in the surface. It's powerful to witness events like this because they show the best of technology and inspire others to do more.

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