Wednesday April 15, 2020 |Notes

When Amazon isn't the most convenient option

There's a rare opportunity for businesses to be a more convenient option than Amazon. It's a chance to build consumer habits by delivering a great experience - and it won't last long.

Deliveries for non-essential products are currently 2-3 weeks delayed on Amazon. Likewise, Whole Foods and Fresh orders rarely have delivery times available. This is an entirely new experience for millions of customers accustomed to receiving orders in only a day or two - and provides a compelling reason to look elsewhere.

Instacart, which recently mentioned that orders were up 300% in some markets, is a great example of a company providing a great alternative to Amazon's grocery delivery options. They regularly have times available - and provide far more flexibility than Amazon's options be working with multiple stores, allowing scheduling further out, and editing of orders any time before the order starts being picked. is another great example and was discussed on the Reset podcast on Monday. This site works as a search engine of independent bookstores and allows shops to make more money on each sale by reducing/eliminating many fees and commissions.. The site are able to fulfill orders much faster than Amazon, since books are in a non-essential category.

There's a huge surge in the move to digital commerce - and it's a rare that Amazon may not be the most convenient option. This is a great time to provide great experiences for customers - and build sustaining habits instead of one-time replacements.

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