Thursday October 08, 2020 |Notes

Ecommerce tools & plugins

There's a new section on our site title Tools, and the links can found in the header. This section includes a couple of items mentioned previously on the blog, as well as a link to a new app soon to be released. The purpose is to help make it easier to find these tools and plugins, rather than relying upon searching the blog.

The first tool listed is the Headless theme released back in June. This is a Gatsby starter theme for Shopify that makes it for Shopify merchants to quickly deploy sites with GatsbyJS. It's a great way to get going with headless commerce and drastically improves the performance compared to standard Shopify sites. Check out the demo of the Headless Shppify theme for Gatsby.

The next tool is one released just last week. It's been renamed as Klatsby(, as a mashup of Klaviyo and Gatsby. Unsurprisingly, it helps integrate Klaviyo email marketing with any Gatsby site. This includes email signup forms suck as exit intent triggered popups.

Lastly, there's a placeholder for a new Shopify app in development. It's an alternative analytics app and is nearly ready for it's initial release. More info to come soon on that one.

The Tools section is available in the menu only as of now. As more plugins and tools are added, this will become it's own section similar to the blog and news sections. Feel free to send requests and recommendations for new ecommerce tools.

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