Saturday June 27, 2020 |Notes

reopening will not save local commerce

Changes were already coming and business was already difficult for local retailers and restaurants. Reopening is only a short term solution and will not save most local commerce.

Small businesses generally have small profit margins and pay a large percentage of revenue to rent. Even a 10-20% dip in revenue will be enough to put some businesses in the red.

While many businesses are at capacity, it's only under either reduced capacity due to new health restrictions or under unsafe health conditions. It's anyone's guess as to how long either are sustainable.

There's still a lot of room for digital commerce to grow. As many have stated, the pandemic has pushed many technologies 10 years ahead. There many be short term gains and those shouldn't be taken as a sign of what's to come. Local commerce needs to embrace and harness digital commerce to succeed in the long run

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