Sunday June 28, 2020 |Notes

Describe the benefits

One of the keys to developing a high-converting website is making each step of the site match the expectations of the visitor. This involves looking at the site from a customer perspective. This perspective helps emphasize benefits over features.

Many product pages are quick to describe and list all the features that make a product great. In many cases, the technical details aren't meaningful to a customer upon first glance. Instead, a customer is interested in how the product will benefit them.

Describe the benefits of the product, and include details that make the technical features more meaningful to the customer. Don't assume the customer understands the importance of each technical detail. Instead, describe and show how these work to benefit customers and solve a problem.

By featuring benefits, visitors are consistently reminded of the purpose. They are better able to understand the value because the focus is on how the product will benefit them, rather than being asked to pay for non-meaningful features.

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