Friday July 17, 2020 |Notes

No facemask requirements in digital commerce

In the very early stages of the pandemic, Etsy sellers took action to address the face mask shortage. This was well before most establishments or agencies had issued any regulations regarding face masks. Instead it was in response to clearly surging demand, sparked by stories of personal protective equipment shortages.

Businesses have reopened to varying degrees recently. Many have faced push back for health regulations, as if they are intentionally looking to make it more difficult to conduct business.

Most businesses have instituted rules requiring masks to be worn. It's akin to requiring shirts and shoes, forbidding food & drinks, and other rules private businesses are free to enforced. Generally this is for the benefit of the employees and all customers, not for the benefit of any one person.

It's somewhat ironic that masks became widely available via an online marketplace. The people most likely to wear masks appear to be comfortable shopping online. Those that resist masks tend to prefer in person shopping, albeit on their own terms, not out of support of local businesses.

Great local businesses should continue to be supported. Show support: use digital means when possible, minimize close contact, and wear masks for the short period required. If the mask is too much, digital commerce provide an easy alternative available.

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