Sunday September 27, 2020 |Notes

Accept prevailing tech

There's little use in clinging to what 'should be.' There are any number of reasons decisions big and small could go another way. Many times, it's clear to many there's a better alternative. There's a point where it's worth continuing to fight for the 'right' solution, and there's a point where it's time to accept the overwhelming momentum.

Many times in the history of technology, inferior technologies have lost out to inferior solutions for reasons outside of produce performance. AC vs DC electric outlets is a prime example. VHS over Betamax is another. When it comes to digital technology, the examples are harder to cite, yet readily apparent to those that know specific backends well.

Regardless of the reason, once the inferior technology gains widespread adoption, the battle is essentially over. Mass audiences aren't won on technicalities. At a certain point, it's better to accept the outcome, then work within this new landscape.

Fighting for what is loses meaning and appeal over time. Work within the current technology landscape and maximize the opportunity moving forward.

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