Saturday September 26, 2020 |Notes

Interruption breeds opportunity

2020 has brought numerous interruptions to everyday life. Many of these changes are still in flux, with routines subject to conditions outside of any single individuals' control. Supply chains are broken. Shopping habits have shifted rapidly.

These changes are interruptions to life because they present problems. Many of these problems are yet to be solved, at least in a long-term manner. It's increasingly likely that 'back to work' will mean some sort of hybrid office/work-from-home model. Most public schools are unlikely to return to fully in-person this year. And shopping habits have entirely shifted in ways that bring forth more uncertainty than assurance.

Problems require solutions. The best solutions are likely to become habits and thus part of the 'new normal'. Big tech companies have made significant moves to capture more of the new market, and it' doesn't' need to be dominated by big companies. There are countless opportunities for uncommon businesses to step in and fill the voids in ways that big companies can't and wont' approach. These opportunists start small, and with the right mix of factors, can become enormous.

Times of mass interruption are especially difficult because they present so many problems. One of the best ways through is to start looking at these problems as opportunities in waiting, and let great independent, uncommon businesses solve them. It's never easy, and it's not supposed to be.

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