Wednesday September 16, 2020 |Notes

New habits are forming

For every person alive, 2020 will serve as a pivotal time of life. Each individual experiences only a limited number of these times, generally made up of moving, taking jobs, getting married, deaths of loved ones and other rites of passage. Times like now are rarer still because it's such a mass collective experience, one that makes 9/11 even feel relatively small in the number of people directly effected.

Marketers have long identified pivotal moments of life as times when consumers are 'up for grabs'. When old habits have already been broken, individuals are much more likely to look at new solutions that may have been ignored previously.

This year, nearly ever person's life has been changed in a significant way. Whether it's working from home, travelling less, cooking more, or learning remotely, entirely new habits are being formed as old habits were forced out. No longer can one go to a gym or movie theater, and it's unclear how long it may take for those habits to become re-established. Consumers who invested in expensive new fitness equipment don't seem especially likely to pay a gym membership in addition to a Peloton monthly payment.

Habits don't take long to be forgotten, and take much longer to become established. Many old ways of life have been off-limits and are still not entirely replaced, with digital means or otherwise. Everyone is experiencing a pivotal time of life, and new habits and trends are being established each day.

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