Monday July 13, 2020 |Notes

MSCHF company explores limits with head turning commerce projects

It's refreshing to see original concepts in digital commerce. MSCHF is a digital agency that consistently produces impressive original products each two weeks. Each project is announced via their app and serves as a meld of commerce, entertainment, and art and results in an original product that brings attention by pushing boundaries.

Started originally aa SMS-only list, the company now releases new projects via their app. Each project has it's own website, which has included retro 90s themed ecommerce sites, slack workspaces, and others. The products have included a MSCHF cuss collar, a slack chat of each episode of The Office, the MSCHF mystery box, MSCHF jesus shoes, pirated streamed entertainment, and most recently, an unofficial collaboration shirt between 10 noteworthy brands.

Generally, the products are built with a limited shelf life in mind. Physical products are available in limited quantities, digital products are made knowing they be shut down, and the focus remains on promoting MSCHF over any individual product brand.

Pushing limits helps leads to new ideas. Not every product is designed for endless growth. The MSCHF company understands this by making original products scarce and keeping the focus on the company by creating new products.

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