Saturday August 15, 2020 |Notes

Coolors for ecommerce color palettes

One of the keys to consistent design is to develop and stick to an defined color palette. is a tool that makes it easy to both create new color palettes and save palettes to refer to later.

As part of a past series on conversion rate optimization, I wrote about the importance of applying consistent design. Consistency helps keep the audience focused, and over time, will yield better results than spectacular design deployed haphazardly.

With Coolors(, a new color palette is automatically generated. Individual colors can be 'locked' into place, then the remaining colors are shuffled with additional complementary colors. Once the full palette is created, it can be shared with a link by including the HEX color codes, or saved to an account. Here's a color palette from one of our active ecommerce projects.

We use the Coolors tool for developing color pallets for nearly all of our ecommerce projects, regardless of whether it's a web design or marketing project. It helps communicate the brands colors easily in a visual manner, and makes it easy to stay consistent across all mediums.

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