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Apply consistency to make conversion funnels seamless

The conversion funnel should be as smooth a process as possible. It's imperative to make each step relatively seamless in order to maximize conversions. Consistency goes a long way to delivering a seamless experience and is more

Consistency includes design, wording, and offers. From the first point of contact through to the ultimate conversion steel, there shouldn't be surprises along the way that cause visitors to hesitate before taking the next step.

Design doesn't need to be spectacular to be effective. Establish a color scheme, define specific font styles, and follow the guidance of others. Unless design is what will set the business apart, design can be kept relatively simple by sticking to a few colors and fonts everywhere.

Likewise, word choice should remain consistent. Describe succinctly how the product will solve a specific problem, then keep reminding the customer. Use CTAs that match each step of the process in a progressive manner.

Lastly, offers should remain consistent. This refers to both the solution being sold and any specific marketing offers. From the initial social media post or ad, to the landing page, and post purchase communication, keep the offer the same. If a product purports to solve a comfort problem, remind the customer at each step. When there's an offer of 20% off, make it easy and simple to apply the discount.

Keep the conversion process smooth by making it seamless. Eliminate distractions and surprises by applying consistency in design, copy, and offers. Resist the urge to show 'more' at each step.

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