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MSCHF Mag Vol. 02

Earlier this week, I received a magazine for the first time in years. It's from MSCHF[], and it's the second issue of their MSCHF Mag. Subtitled 'CRED', the issue is full of 'tips' for getting credibility, or at least faking it, as well as updates on past 'drops' including the mysterious MSCHF Box. It's an impressive 87 pages and was everything that should be expected of MSCHF based on past work.

In a previous post about MSCHF, I wrote about how the MSCHF agency is pushing boundaries of commerce. This latest physical product continues to push digital limits via traditional print media. The magazine's featured content includes a dead startup resume builder with an index of said dead startups, how to schedule google meetings with a lists of calendar contacts for tech CEOs, as well as celebrities' venmo accounts, with the title "every platform is a chat platform if you want it to be"

Updates on past drops include a gallery of all the shirts produced in Drop #25 MSCHF X, an unofficial collaboration between 10 brands, and screenshots of wikipedia citations of Times Newer Roman and two more drops.

The results of the MSCHF box were featured, though not much was revealed. The mystery boxes sold for $100 and increased in value each day left unopened. If returned unopened after 100 days, the returnee received $1000. Prizes includes Bitcoin, a Vespa, tooth paste, dirt, and more. The vespa keys were returned; everything else is a mystery.

The editor's note starts with "Who let us make a second one of these?" As they know, nobody needs to let them make anything. MSCHF doesn't spend on marketing, and have created enormous buzz. MMSCHF Mag continues pushing boundaries, now via print media. Hopefully MSCHF choose to continue publishing new issues. Nobody else is going to stop them.

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