Tuesday July 14, 2020 |Notes

Amazon address requirement helps absolve role in counterfeit marketplace sales

The Amazon Marketplace will soon change to display the business name and address of all marketplace sellers. This will help buyers to get more info about the seller and make sellers less able to conduct business. More importantly for Amazon, it will help address counterfeit merchandise and listing issues.

MarketplacePulse wrote more about the changes last week

Removed sellers’ anonymity benefits consumers by allowing them to directly seek legal action with the seller, in case, for example, the product they purchased caused harm. Other businesses, most often brands, benefit from knowing the seller’s true identity for managing approved retailers and directly pursuing counterfeits.

It is interesting to note that Amazon already has this information for every seller. The change here is that it will be publicly available, thus enabling other businesses and consumers to go after bad sellers. Amazon could take more actions to go after counterfeit merchandise sellers without this chance.

The change helps absolve amazon's role in the process, despite still benefitting from any counterfeit listings that are sold without issue. The move to de-anonymize isn't necessarily bad. It is worth being weary of amazon's purpose for the change.

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