Wednesday July 15, 2020 |Notes

Communicate shipping & fulfillment expectations

To increase conversions, make it clear what will happen after the purchase. The purchase experience is entirely digital. The product may be digital or physical. Either way, make it clear as to what happens after the purchase.

In our original post laying out a conversion rate optimization framework, I described this process as setting shipping expectations. That clearly pertains to products that need to be shipped, which is certainly not the case for all digital commerce purchases.

Whether the product is digital or physical, prospective customers want to clearly understand what will happen post purchase. Customers don't like transacting when the next steps aren't clear.

For physical products, this should include a best estimate of when the product will be shipped and delivered. Make it clear before and after purchase.

For digital products, communciate how the product will be delivered. Inform customers whether they'll receive links, download materials, or invites. Customers expect immediate access with digital products. If there's any reason to expect otherwise, communicate this. Follow up with emails to make it clear what has been purchased.

In an era where the product is separated from the transaction process, it's important to make it clear exactly what will be delivered in the post-purchase process.

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