Monday April 20, 2020 |Notes

Food delivery & digital commerce opportunities

One of the biggest areas of changes over the last ~6 weeks is how people are obtaining food. Without the option to dine-out and social distancing measures in place at local stores, online food shopping & food delivery is more important than ever.

This is accelerating an existing trend and its not going to recede. The existing systems for grocery delivery have inefficiencies (ie products run through retail store for home delivery, humans pick orders, inaccurate inventories, etc) and are generally unable to meet demand.

Meal delivery has it's own problems. Small orders rarely make sense for consumers or businesses. It's difficult to make a profit overall (based upon public info of Grubhub) and local governments like that of SF regulate industry heavily.

It's unclear how national and global supply chains may changes in the long run. It's possible costs may increase and food is generally particularly vulnerable to costs to the weight and temperature control requirements.

Overall, there's a lot of opportunity to build solutions to fix the inefficiencies in food delivery. We're looking for uncommon projects in this area. If you know of any interesting food projects, let me know and we'll highlight them on an upcoming post.

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