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Direct to consumer food companies

Over the last few months, online food shopping has increased dramatically as a result of restaurant closures and limited store hours & delivery availability. Reports from three different sources show trends in food shopping and digital commerce.

In a chart from XXX, published at on March 31st, the 100 ecommerce categories that have seen the most growth recently include XX food-related categories. ecommerce trends post coronavirus [See more more atstackline] (

In this chart from Neil Patel, spending changes in digital ads is broken down by category. Most spending is down - with the exception of Food and XXX. digital spending trends - april 2020 Read more at Neil Patel

And lastly, Visual Capitalist has a infographic on how consumer spending has changed recently. consumer spending trends coronavirus Read more at Visual Capitalist

Increased food spending in digital commerce is a growing trend that helps people acquire food more easily while staying at home, and isn't likely to go away as consumer habits build and change over time.

We're working to create a list food companies that offer direct shopping. If you know of great food companies, please help add them to our growing list.

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