Sunday April 26, 2020 |Notes

COVID volunteer opportunities

Most of us are dealing with some drastic changes in our lives right now. There are a lot of people with extra time and a number of volunteer opportunities available for a wide array of skills.

The state of California has setup a coronavirus-focused volunteer website which indicates opportunities in delivering food, making calls to seniors/at-risk individuals, tutoring, making face shields, and more. I signed up here yesterday and encourage other California residents to do the same.

There are likely similar sites for other states and undoubtedly, there are national organizations working to effectively make use of volunteers to address to problems posed by this pandemic.

A few days ago, my dad sent me a link to an article from the Gates Foundation. It's a great summary of where we are and the challenge that lies ahead. The amount of work and coordination this will take reminds me somewhat of the efforts leading to the moon race .

In a book I read recently (one giant leap), the author wrote about how over 10,000 contractors contributed to the project and included everyone from scientists to seamstresses.

Overcoming this pandemic will take a mass effort from a huge range of people as well - science, healthcare, manufacturing, contact tracing interviews, etc. Let's get to work and find ways to effectively help.

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