Thursday April 30, 2020 |Notes


HelpWithCovid is a site designed to match volunteers with COVID-19 related projects. It's a great example of how tech can be deployed quickly and quickly be an entirely remote team to build a site that enables dozens of other quality projects

HelpWithCovid is based off an initial discussion between Sam Altman (y combinator) and dustin moskovitz (facebook,asana) and now lists 15 total contributors on its about page.

The site launched in March amid the early stages of the pandemic and now has over 12,651 volunteers and 653 projects. The skills are wide ranging and include highly specialized biotech skills, software development, legal, data entry, community outreach and more.

The HelpWithCovid project can go a long way to putting people into effective roles when so much work is needed, and many are displaced from normal roles. It's an excellent of an active approach to deploying technology efficiently. I volunteered for a couple projects yesterday and encourage others to do the same.

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