Tuesday July 28, 2020 |Notes

Netlify hosting is surging

Netlify hosting is growing fast. Exploding topics highlighted Netlify's growth over the last year in their most recent newsletter. In the last year, search trends have increased by 66%.

In the ExplodingTopics newsletter, the link was actually to a page (comparing Wordpress to Netlify)[]. While I wouldn't classify the two as equals or even competing services, it's interesting to note that Netlify's 66% increase was drastically more than Wordpress's 16% increase. Wordpress still dominates in raw numbers, with over 10x as many searches.

We use 9Netlify hosting0[] for this site, and have deployed a number of other GatsbyJS sites on Netlify as well. The hosting has worked very well for us, with excellent build times, and nearly perfect uptime.

Earlier this year, Netlifyannounced $52 million series C round of funding. There are some clear trends towards JAMStack and Netlify is one of the companies building the backend framework to support the trends.

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